Ebony Memories

The Johnson Publishing Company (JPC) released the first issue of Ebony Magazine on November 1, 1945. Since then, Ebony and other JPC publications, such as Jet Magazine, became an omnipresent beacon, document, and reflection of Black life in many people's homes, not only in Chicago but throughout the country and world. The publishing empire of John H. and Eunice Johnson has also been the topic of countless exhibitions, books, publications, and serves as a constant well of inspiration for artists, designers, photographers, journalists, and scholars.

To remember and celebrate its 75th anniversary, we are collecting stories and memories of Ebony and the presence of JPC in your life. We also want to hear about your experiences across the JPC legacy, anything from Jet Magazine to Negro Digest, Black World, the Johnson Publishing building on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, or the Ebony Fashion Fair.

You can submit your memories in written form, or upload an audio or video recording (5-minute limit). Written and audio responses can be shared anonymously.

As part of the Loss/Capture Project and leading up to November 1, 2020, we will share your stories on this website, the project's Instagram page (@losscaptureproject), and Sixty Inches From Center's website and social media platforms. Participants will be contacted for permission prior to any use outside the scope of this project.

We treasure your stories and know that these are precious, so please only share stories that you're comfortable sharing with us, our readers, and others like yourself who hold a special place in their memories for JPC.

Submit your memories